Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Mimosa Networks is a division of Airspan. We are a global technology leader providing top-notch wireless broadband solutions to make internet access faster and stronger. Our goal is to equip distant, hard-to-reach locations with internet access that is as reliable and fast as fiber and comes at a fraction of its cost. Our solutions are deployed in a hybrid-fiber-wireless architecture and are suitable for residential, business, surveillance, education, and hospitality networking.

ProProfs knowledge base helped Mimosa to create a knowledge base and reduced chat levels

Problem: Extensive Knowledge Base to Answer Basic Customer Questions

We wanted an extensive knowledge base for our products deployed across the globe. Customers come to us daily asking basic questions over chat and email that could be answered with a knowledge base.

Solution: Create Individual Help Sites for Our Products

We created a huge knowledge base using ProProfs that covers all of our products. We have individual help sites for our cloud, backhaul, access point, and client radio products. While we felt it would be a daunting task to create and manage a knowledge base, ProProfs made this extremely easy. It's super easy to add images and code snippets. If we don't like the formatting of a page, we can turn on the code and make relevant changes. Basically, the tool is designed for all skill levels.

Result: Increased User Knowledge & Reduced Chat Levels

With ProProfs, we immediately saw an increase in user knowledge and a decrease in chat levels. It's also extremely easy for our support team to reference the support pages or provide multiple links to customers for quick troubleshooting.

Their customer service team responds almost immediately, either with an email or a phone call. They have made our ProProfs experience so great. We don't see ourselves using another service for our knowledge base anytime soon!

ProProfs knowledge base helped Mimosa to create a knowledge base and reduced chat levels

We Believe Software Should Make You Happy

We are building a 100-year company with awesome human support

We are building a 100-year company with a mission to DELIGHT customers. People think we’re crazy to offer phone, chat, and email support. We still do it. When it comes to awesome support & building delightful software, we go the distance - try it, and you will love it.

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