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Why create an internal company knowledge base?

When you create an internal company knowledge base, you make it easy for employees to search and browse your company information online. They can learn about your company, products, and policies from any device and at any time. Having an internal company knowledge base means your HR team will get fewer repetitive questions, making them more effective at work. Teams can collaborate to make sure your internal company knowledge base has information about your products, customer service standards, legal, HR, and other policies.

Limit access to your internal company knowledge base

Your internal company knowledge base may contain private information, which is why we provide you with the option to restrict access to your site. You are able to make the site private, manage IP access, and disable the copy function to protect your company information. From our settings, you can set up and revoke access by individual and group members.

How to use this template

You can add your company branding and choose the color scheme for your internal company knowledge base in our settings. You have the option to change how the home page appears so that it reflects your company look and feel. This template contains the basic elements commonly found in an internal company knowledge base. You can easily replace our placeholder information with your own company information.

What makes internal company knowledge bases useful?

Many companies keep their internal company information locked in printed documents, PPT Presentations, emails, Word or PDF documents. This makes it hard for employees to find the information they need when they need it. Further, your employees are always at risk of using outdated information or not being able to find what they’re looking for. This can leave them open to mistakes and even legal misunderstandings. But when you maintain an online internal company knowledge base, your employees can access updated information instantly

Employees are empowered to use the internal company knowledge base on their own schedule, and your HR, customer service, and other key departments receive fewer repetitive questions, reducing their workload and increasing company productivity.

With ProProfs’ internal company knowledge base template, you can get your internal company knowledge base online quickly and easily. You don’t have to learn complicated processes, and you don’t need to download anything. Our software makes it easier than ever to create an easy-to-use internal company knowledge base that your employees will find useful and can access on devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, iOS, etc.

You can get your internal company knowledge base online without extra effort or learning to code. Our software makes it easy to add tables, change font sizes, and add images. Everything will be automatically resized to fit any screen. Documents, videos, images and more can be added to your internal company knowledge base for easy access.

Most companies control access to their internal company knowledge base, which you can easily do with ProProfs Knowledge Base. You can also determine whether you want to allow your employees to convert articles into PDF documents or not.

It’s very likely that you will need to update your internal company knowledge base frequently, and that’s easy to do. You even have the opportunity to view analytics on how your internal company knowledge base is performing and get feedback on specific pages and resources.

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