The amount of content Wikipedia has is jaw-dropping - 17 million articles in 262 languages, to be precise.

Let that sink in!

Wikipedia’s increasing popularity can be attributed to its multilingual and collaborative nature, where people across the globe can find reliable information in a moment.

Imagine if you had something similar in your organization - a centralized wiki that acts as your company’s encyclopedia containing critical information about your policies, projects, offerings, and much more.

That would make employee training, knowledge sharing, and collaboration a breeze.

If you are thinking of creating a company-wide wiki but don’t know where to start, here’s what you need to know. You can’t build an online wiki all on your own. You need a powerful tool with rich features that assists you in the process.

With a slew of options available online, picking one wiki tool can be challenging. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best wiki software to help you make the right choice.

What is Wiki Software?

Wiki software is a tool that is used to write, edit, design, and publish an online wiki across the web and mobile. It has all the necessary features to create and store content securely on a cloud-based platform for easy, 24x7 access. What’s unique about the wiki software is its ability to allow collaborative content creation wherein employees across teams can work together as one unified group to build and manage the wiki.

Organizations mostly use wiki software to create an internal wiki platform for secure and quick knowledge access across teams.

Why is Wiki Software Important for Your Business?

Though Wikipedia is used widely by people and businesses spread across the globe, the use of an internal, company-specific wiki is still limited. That’s because there is still a lack of awareness regarding the benefits of wiki software.

Wiki software is an important tool to streamline internal processes and foster a culture of knowledge sharing in the workplace. This and a few other compelling reasons listed below will clear all your doubts about wiki software and convince you to implement it real soon.

1.   Boosts Team Collaboration

Wiki software gives teams across departments a centralized platform to share their unique knowledge, insights, and experiences with everyone in the organization. So, it’s not just those at the higher management who get to contribute to the wiki. Employees at any level with relevant knowledge about the concerned subjects have the power to bring their knowledge to the table and collaborate with one another to manage the wiki as a whole.

2.   Improves Employee Onboarding

Poor onboarding is the root cause of reduced productivity and high employee turnover. In a survey of over 1000 U.S. employees, 31% of them left their jobs within the first six months, and out of these, 68% departed in just the first three months.
Wiki software keeps you away from such onboarding woes by making it simple and impactful. A new place, a new job, and new people - it can be too much to deal with for employees. With an internal wiki, you can make new employees feel at home right from day one. It acts as a guiding light, giving them all the tips, advice, and essential company information, so they can work smartly and be on their own from the start.

3.   Makes Employees More Productive

Productivity goes down when employees have to constantly scramble for information to perform the assigned tasks, which is a sheer waste of effort and time. Wiki software provides employees with a central information hub they can access whenever they need. This means no more stretching between documents. It keeps all the distractions away and enables employees to focus fully on the work at hand.

4.   Improves Knowledge Retention

When the brightest employees leave, the knowledge they hold also walks out the door. The loss is immeasurable. It can break your internal work processes and leave existing employees helpless as they don’t have the required knowledge or guidance to carry out their duties effectively. Implementing wiki software can save you from such troubles.
It allows you to regularly capture employees’ knowledge and store it safely for future reference. Continuous and systematic accumulation of knowledge becomes your biggest asset over time, ensuring that no matter who leaves your organization and who joins, the knowledge always stays with you.

Notable Features of the Best Wiki Software

What makes a wiki software the best? It’s the features it possesses. To make the job of finding the best wiki software a tad bit easier , we’ve compiled a list of the essential features you must look out for to come to an informed decision.

+   Ready-to-use templates
+   Intuitive interface
+   Access controls
+   Branding and customization
+   Full site search
+   Revision history and version control
+   Workflows and publishing
+   Enterprise-grade security
+   Third-party integrations

The table below gives a glimpse of the key features of some of the best company wiki software. You can also dig into the details of each one of them after the table.

Top 19 Wiki Tools and Their Key Features

Wiki Software
Key Features
  • 25+ ready-to-use, professionally built templates
  • Write and edit with MS Word-like editor
  • Supports public help centers and protected internal wikis
  • Define roles and permissions
  • Control the visibility of confidential information
  • Set workflows to allow content review
  • Save different versions of the wiki
  • Get insightful reports
  • Works seamlessly with ProProfs Chat and Help Desk
  • Save unlimited versions of your wiki
  • Translate your wiki in over 50 languages
  • Lock the page you are currently editing to avoid conflicts
  • Write content & add images, tables, and URLs to your wiki
  • Categorize content across multiple workspaces
  • Customize the wiki using your brand logo, headers and footers.
  • Requires server, maintenance, and installation
  • Translate your company’s wiki in multiple languages
  • Customize the wiki to match your brand
  • Lock pages to ensure that no one else edits the work while you are on it
  • Monitor the previous changes made to your wiki
  • Customize from scratch using CSS
  • Choose from a variety of templates to start creating your wiki
  • Allow multiple authors to edit a page
  • Get personalized feeds on article stages
  • Add unlimited wiki pages and Q&As
  • Customize your wiki with the fonts and themes that go with your brand
  • Add workflows while creating wiki and ensure that content is reviewed before publishing
  • Give relevant suggestions when employees type a question in the search bar
  • Gain useful insights into your happy or unhappy customers, best and worst articles
  • Control who can view, edit, and publish your articles
  • Drag and drop files and images to your wiki
  • Display or hide specific sections from employees
  • Track previous changes and compare different versions of your wiki
  • Find information instantly using Slack’s search commands
  • Enable your teams to work on a single document collaboratively
  • Identify knowledge gaps and understand how employees use your wiki
  • Write content and preview pages with online editor
  • Format your wiki using text styling, threaded comments, headings, and more
  • Upload and download files easily to your wiki
  • Track the changes made to your wiki and revert to a previous version
  • Enable employees to share wiki pages with the whole team
  • Upload unlimited files to your wiki
  • Allow employees to work together on a single article
  • Provide relevant suggestions even before employees complete typing their questions
  • Get a sneak-peek into the content that employees are finding useful and articles that are turning obsolete
  • Use HTML templates to give your wiki a customized look
  • Apply password protection to your wiki and control who can edit and read the content
  • Add, edit, and delete users easily
  • Use simple wiki syntax to edit pages, add tables, media, and more
  • Import and export content easily to your online wiki
  • Allow multiple users to edit and format your wiki
  • Share your wiki with anyone in the team or your contacts
  • Find any information you need in a matter of seconds
  • Write, edit, and style your content with easy-to-use editor
  • Enable employees to give feedback on articles
  • Allow only authorized users to access your wiki
  • Create wiki pages using ready-to-use templates
  • Allow multiple teams to work on your wiki pages
  • Embed Google Drive files or any other existing files to your wiki
  • Import content from external files
  • Customize your wiki using style sheets and background images
  • Write content, add images, and preview text with TiddlyWiki’s editor
  • Create groups and set permissions
  • Manage all media files in assets manager
  • Integrate with over 50 external applications

Now, let’s take a deeper look at the individual features and pricing of each of the tools mentioned above.

1.ProProfs Knowledge Base

best wiki tool by ProProfs knowledge base

Ease of use and compelling features are the hallmarks of the wiki software offered by ProProfs.

This tool can be used by people of all skill levels - technical experts as well as beginners to write, edit, customize, and manage a company wiki. An all-in-one wiki tool, ProProfs Knowledge Base equips businesses with all the essential features they need to manage and maintain their company knowledge.

The software is noted for its robust reporting system, Google-like search mechanism, and a wide array of branding and customization options. Another fascinating feature of ProProfs Knowledge Base is it's incredibly powerful integrations with leading tools like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Wufoo, Google Analytics, and many more. Besides, it can even be used in combination with sibling software - ProProfs Chat and Help Desk to make the experience even more enriching.

With a large customer base consisting of some of the leading brands like Zoho Corporation, Adobe, Acer, Nissan, and many more, ProProfs Knowledge Base is making a mark in the global business landscape.


  • 1.Professionally Designed Templates Professionally Designed Templates Professionally Designed Templates

    Choose from a range of 40+ ready-made templates to create your corporate wiki, knowledge base, and documentation.

  • 2.Roles & Permissions Roles & Permissions Roles & Permissions

    Assign roles such as administrator, editor, contributor, and viewer to specific individuals and groups. Empower your teams to work collaboratively while creating a wiki.

  • 3.Conditional Content Conditional Content Conditional Content

    Set rules and conditions on specific parts of content to control their visibility.

  • 4. Rich Text Editor Rich Text Editor Rich Text Editor

    Write and edit content using an online editor that works like MS Word.

  • 5.Insightful Reports Insightful Reports Insightful Reports

    Get meaningful insights into what your employees are searching for and whether they are finding the wiki helpful.

  • Google-Like Search System Google-Like Search System

    Provide accurate content suggestions as employees start typing their questions in the search bar.

  • 7.Branding & Customization options Branding & Customization options Branding & Customization options

    Choose from over 600+ fonts and themes, add your brand name and logo, and create a wiki that resonates with your brand.

  • 8.Workflows Workflows Workflows

    Set workflow status to maintain transparency regarding the stage of an article and to ensure that content is reviewed properly before going live.

  • 9.Powerful Integrations Powerful Integrations Powerful Integrations

    ProProfs Knowledge Base integrates seamlessly with sibling tools - ProProfs Chat and Help Desk, to give you an enhanced user experience.

Pricing :

starts at $30/100 ( pages/month )

Why Use ProProfs Knowledge Base software?


The software is designed keeping in mind both beginners with little to no technical knowledge. No software download or HTML skills are required to use this wiki tool.

24x7 Support

Besides the self-help support, you can also contact the support team directly anytime you need.


Customize the wiki from scratch using CSS. Add your company’s logo, brand name, and pick your favorite themes, colors, and fonts to create a stunning wiki.

AI-Powered Reporting

Get a comprehensive report on your wiki’s performance. Measure employee delight through metrics such as failed searches, poorly rated articles, the total number of searches, broken links, and much more.

Loved by Global Brands

ProProfs Knowledge Base software has helped renowned brands address knowledge management and team collaboration issues effectively.


DocuWiki open-source wiki software

DocuWiki is a versatile open-source wiki tool that is noted for its clean and readable syntax. Feature-packed and easy to install, this software can be used to build a corporate wiki, private notebook, and software manual. Its built-in access controls and authentication connectors make it a perfect choice for enterprises looking for a solid security system. Creating a private wiki is a quick and easy process with this powerful wiki tool.


✓    Full Text Search

DocuWiki runs a logical AND search, which means all words in the query are used to provide accurate results.

✓   Unlimited Page Versions

Save as many versions as you want of your wiki pages. You can compare different versions with a Difference Viewer feature offered by this software.

✓   50+ Languages Supported

Translate the wiki in your native language using the DocuWiki Localization Hub.

✓   Locking System

The tool locks the page you are editing in case multiple users are working on a single document. This avoids conflicts and gives you a clear picture of who is editing the content.


Available on Request

Why Use DokuWiki?

•   Easy to Set Up and Use

With low system requirements, Dokuwiki can easily be installed and used.

•   Diverse Use Cases

The software can be used to build internal wikis, software manuals, corporate knowledge base, and even project workspace.

•   Easy to Configure

DokuWiki has useful configuration features to help you change the wiki settings to your advantage.

3.Zoho Wiki

Zoho wiki software

Zoho Wiki is a simple knowledge management tool that enables you to create, manage, and share knowledge with your teams. Designed specifically for small businesses, this software is perfect for building a centralized knowledge portal and customizing it as you like. The tool works great for bringing all your teams together and empowering them to share knowledge and work collaboratively.


✓   Easy to Use Editor

Write content, insert URLs, add images and tables, and use various editing options to create content.

✓   Workspaces

Categorize content in different workspaces. Each workspace acts like a separate wiki with its own set of features.

✓   User Administration

Add users and categorize them as individual users, group users, and organization users. Have full control over who can write, edit, and delete content in the wiki.

✓   Branding & Customization

Customize the wiki with your brand logo and by using suitable header and footer styles and panel positions.


starts at $0.

Why Use Zoho Wiki?

•   Tailored to Your Requirements

Zoho Wiki is one simple tool tailored perfectly to your unique needs. Whether you are a small creative team or a bunch of HR professionals, Zoho Wiki has got you covered.

•   No Multiple Pricing Tiers

Zoho Wiki comes with a single paid plan with all the elite features.

•   Works Well With Zoho Products

Zoho Wiki can be clubbed with tools like Zoho Creator and Zoho Docs for enhanced performance.


MediaWiki software

MediaWiki is a free wiki software that runs platforms like Wikipedia and Wiktionary. It helps in collecting and managing knowledge and making it available to your target audience. Customizable and reliable, this wiki tool requires server maintenance and installation. The best part about MediaWiki is that it provides translation services that help you localize the wiki in your local language.


✓   Easy Editing

Writing and editing content is a piece of cake with this wiki tool. Edit individual sections of a wiki article and preview the edited work.

✓   Customization options

Change the skin of your wiki site and use custom CSS to customize the wiki from scratch.

✓   Multilingual Support

Translate your wiki in different languages and provide it to a diverse workforce.

✓   Access Permissions

Give different rights to signed-in users, anonymous users, admins, bureaucrats, and developers. While signed-in users can upload files and rename pages, admins can delete and recover pages, ban certain users by IP address and username.


Available on request


Tikiwiki, An open-source wiki tool

An open-source wiki tool based on a CMS setup, TikiWiki is used by businesses, governments, as well as individuals. The software is flexible, customizable, and helps you deliver immersive experiences to your target audience. Easy to install and configure, TikiWiki offers a host of powerful features that assist in writing, structuring, and translating content into your desired language.


✓   Permissions

Make your wiki pages read-only or hide them completely from a specific set of users. Give editing and viewing rights to a few users.

✓   Lock pages

As wiki’s administrator, you can lock pages to ensure that other users can’t edit them.

✓   Revision History

Track previous changes made to the wiki pages. Compare any two versions of the wiki to identify who made the changes. Restore a page to a previous version anytime you want.

✓   Monitor Pages

TikiWiki sends email notifications every time a page is edited. This helps you keep a close eye on the editing of important pages.


Available on Request

Why Use TikiWiki?

•   1500+ Built-in Features

TikiWiki is an open-source wiki tool with the most built-in features.

•   Easy to Install & Configure

1-click installers and easy configuration via its control panel make TikiWiki one of the best wiki tools.

•   Open Collaboration

If you need new functionality or features in the software, you can join its user community and work in collaboration with the members.

6.Confluence Wiki

Confluence Wiki tool

Confluence Wiki software brings people, content, and ideas in one place. It helps in everything right from content creation, designing, and management to team collaboration. Create a collaborative community by bringing all your teams together in a single place using this powerful wiki software. Used and trusted by 35000+ global customers, Confluence Wiki is one of the best wiki tools for today’s modern teams. Flexible and customizable, the tool grows with you as you expand and work with more teams.


✓    Customizable Templates

Start creating a wiki instantly with the beautiful templates provided by Confluence Wiki software.

✓   Real-Time Editing

Co-edit in real-time, publish updates, and highlight changes. Collaborate with in-line comments, mentions, and likes.

✓   Personalized Feed

Stay updated with the article stages - In progress, draft, and any other activity in your wiki, on your personal home page.

✓   Page & File Versioning

Track all versions of your wiki and monitor the changes made to a page.


starts at $0.

Why Use Confluence Wiki?

•   A Growing Customer Base

Confluence has a good number of 35000 customers, including big names like Spotify and Lufthansa Systems.

•   Integrates With Other Atlassian Tools

Confluence can be connected to other Atlassian tools such as JIRA for collaboration and knowledge sharing, which makes it one of the best internal wiki software.

•   Versatile

Confluence wiki can be used for knowledge management, project collaboration and can even be set up as a social intranet for internal knowledge sharing.


AllAnswered wiki software

AllAnswered is an all-in-one knowledge management system that provides you the best of all the worlds - wiki, community, Q&A, and workflows. Powered by AI, this wiki software helps in managing and growing your knowledge over time. AllAnswered is noted for its built-in workflows, best-practice templates, and powerful integrations with tools such as Slack, Jira, GitHub, Google Docs, Google Slides, Figma, and many more.


✓   Unlimited Wiki Pages and Q&As

Add as many pages and questions, answers, as you want in your online wiki.

✓   Brand/Style Customization

Customize your wiki with the fonts, designs, and themes of your choice. Give it a unique look that resembles your brand.

✓   Single Sign-On

Allow authenticated users to login with a single ID and password to your online wiki.

✓   Built-In Workflow Management

Add workflows to your document and ensure that error-free content is published.


starts at $3/user/month

Why Use AllAnswered?

•   Integrations You Will Love

You can extend the potential of AllAnswered by integrating it with the tools you might already be using, such as Slack, JIRA, Google Docs, and many more.

•   Affordable

AllAnswered is quite affordable for the features it offers, as compared to other similar tools.

•   Templates That Serve Different Purposes

The tool offers a host of templates for all your needs, from marketing campaigns and competitive analysis to sales account planning and project plans.

8.Helpie WP

Helpie WP wiki software

Helpie WP is a WordPress knowledge base wiki plugin with bespoke features that allow you to increase team collaboration and improve information organization. Its dynamic capabilities help in building an impressive internal wiki for your teams. Multi-tier access controls, an advanced search system, frontend editing, and a seamless navigation system are some of the key highlights of Helpie WP - one of the best open source wiki tools.


✓   Blazing Fast Search

Provide accurate search results when readers type something in the search bar.

✓   Branding & Styling options

Customize the main section of your wiki, use category listing styles, and change the entire layout of your wiki.

✓   Useful Insights

Gain insights into your happy and unhappy employees, best and worst articles, searches and views, and much more.

✓   Publishing Capability

Have full control over who can view, edit, and finally publish your wiki articles.


starts at $69/year.

Why Use Helpie WP?

•   Password Protection at Topic and Category Level

Helpie WP allows you to secure specific categories and topics with password control.

•   Automatic In Page Table of Contents

Helpie automatically generates the table of contents for every page by adding the H1, H2, H3, and more.

•   Variety of WordPress Plugins

The tool offers an array of WordPress plugins, most of which are free.


SlimWiki software

If you want to build a beautiful wiki for your employees, SlimWiki is a perfect choice. A simple and feature-rich tool, SlimWiki gives special focus to the layout and typography of a wiki just so you can be laser-focused on content creation. It is a cloud-based solution that works well for small teams and offers a mobile-optimized UI. The tool works on the mantra that wikis don’t necessarily have to be complex and unattractive. Since it’s something that your teams use on a regular basis, wikis should be able to keep your employees interested and engaged.


✓   Files & Media

Drag and drop files and images to your wiki and expedite the process of content creation.

✓   Page Visibility & Teams

Make your wiki visible to all your teams, hide some sections from specific groups or individuals, and control who can and cannot access your online wiki.

✓   Page History

Track previous changes, compare wiki pages, and monitor what changes are made to your wiki articles.


starts at $0

Why Use SlimWiki?

•   Responsive Design

SlimWiki has a responsive design that looks great on desktops, mobile phones as well as tablets.

•   Straightforward Pricing

There is no system of tier pricing in SlimWiki. A single plan with a straightforward price makes it a perfect choice.


Kipwise wiki software

Kipwise is a cloud-based knowledge management tool that’s best for Slack teams focused on knowledge management, team collaboration, and employee onboarding. This tool turns knowledge sharing extremely effortless and brings your teams closer. Kipwise works with the mission to help you build a Google for your company’s knowledge and make it easily accessible to your employees.


✓   Powerful Search

Use Slack’s search commands to find any information across your Kipwise wiki.

✓   Built-In Workflows

Ensure content is reviewed before publishing and assign questions to team members in case the search function doesn’t provide relevant answers.

✓   Powerful Analytics

Identify missing information in your wiki and understand how your team interacts with your company’s wiki.

✓   Collaborative Editor

Allow your team members to work on the same document in a fuss-free way with its easy-to-use editor.


starts at $25.5/10 users/month

Why Use Kipwise?

•   Customer Base in 100+ Countries

Kipwise has a large customer base spread across 100 countries. Some of its clients include Canopy, Blueberry Markets, Skribble, and Repro.

•   Good for Remote Teams

Kipwise has all the essential features required to work in collaboration and stay connected, despite the difference in time zones.

•   Browser Extensions

Kipwise offers browser extensions for Google Chrome and Safari, giving universal information access to your employees


WikkaWiki tool

WikkaWiki is a simple and flexible wiki engine that is written in PHP. It’s easy to install and offers various plugins and extensions for downloading. The tool has all the features you need to get your wiki up and running. It’s lightweight, standards-compliant and uses MySQL to store content. It provides simple options for editing text, uploading or downloading media files, revision control system and various other administration settings.


✓   WikkaEdit

A fast and powerful online editor that enables you to edit content, preview pages, search and replace handlers.

✓   Quick Formatting

Select from a wide range of wiki markup options such as text styling, threaded comments, headings, and much more.

✓   Media & Files

Uploading and downloading files is a hassle-free process with WikkaWiki.

✓   Revision Control Tools

Track page history and compare page revisions easily as the changes are highlighted.


Available on request


Notion wiki software

Notion helps you make your life easier. It provides an all-in-one workspace for knowledge management and team collaboration. This personal wiki software has an extensive bunch of features across categories like user management, document management, collaboration, and workflow management. Easy to use and customizable, Notion integrates seamlessly with over 50 applications to provide you an excellent user experience.


✓    Version History

Monitor changes made in your wiki pages and revert to a previous version whenever you want.

✓   Collaborative Workspace

Give permissions and allow members to share pages with the whole team in a shared hierarchy

✓   Advanced Security

Set rules to prevent individuals or groups from sharing pages with those outside the organization, disable guests, and much more.

✓    Unlimited File Uploads

Upload as many files as you want in your wiki, but a per-file size limit will apply to the files you add.


starts at $0.

Why Use Notion?

•   All-in-One Workspace

Notion acts as a single platform for your team wiki, projects, and tasks, notes, and docs, resulting in better team alignment and collaboration.

•   Diverse Use Cases

Notion is intelligently designed to meet the unique needs of remote teams, startups, and enterprises. It can also be used for personal use.

•   Native Apps

Notion offers native apps across Android, Windows, iPhone, and Mac.


Slab wiki software

Slab is a feature-rich and integration-packed wiki tool that prevents knowledge silos and builds a collaborative, knowledge-sharing work environment. Trusted by over 3000 companies, Slab helps you create an online wiki and make it searchable for your teams. The tool integrates beautifully with popular tools like GitHub, Google Drive, Slack, Figma, G-Suite, Trello, and various other commonly used software. You can use it with your existing workflow to seamlessly centralize your business knowledge.


✓   Real-Time Collaboration

Allow employees to work on a single article collaboratively. Avoid over-writing and ensure that teams are using the latest version of the software.

✓   Super Fast Search

Provide accurate search results even before employees finish typing their questions in the search bar.

✓   Admin Insights

Gain insights into the posts that employees find most helpful and content that’s going stale. Use this data to update your wiki and keep it relevant for your employees.

✓   Feedback system

Allow team members to give feedback on your wiki articles via comments, emojis, and thanking the contributors.


starts at $0.

Why Use Slab?

•   Dozens of Integrations

Slab can be paired with your existing tools - Google Drive, Google Workspace, Office365, and many more for outstanding performance.

•   Built for Different Teams

Engineering, operations, sales, or any other team - Slab fits well with your team’s workflow, helping them stay productive and more efficient.


wiki software by PmWiki

A wiki-based content management system, PmWiki is great for collaborative creation and maintenance of your company’s wiki. Written in PHP and released under General Public License, this wiki tool is extremely easy to install, customize, and maintain. Creating and managing wiki pages is a piece of cake with this wiki software.


✓   Custom Look & Feel

Use different skins and HTML templates to give your wiki a customized look and feel.

✓   Access Control

Apply password protection to the entire wiki, group of pages, or individual pages. Control who can read, edit, and upload files to your wiki.


Available on request.


XWiki enterprise wiki

XWiki is an advanced open-source wiki software used by small organizations as well as large firms to create first-generation and second-generation wikis. While the first generation wikis are majorly for content collaboration, the latter are for blogs, forums, and task management. With over 600 extensions, themes, and macros, XWiki helps you succeed in creating wonderful wikis.


✓    Export and Import

Import content in your wiki from Excel, CSV, and office files. Export wiki pages as PDF, HTML or XML.

✓    Users & Groups Management

Add, edit and delete users or groups in your wiki.

✓   Notifications

Get RSS feeds on any edits in your wiki and stay updated on all changes.

✓   Page Editing

Edit content, add images and create tables using simple wiki syntax.


Available on Request.

Why Use XWiki?

•   Over 10 Years Old

As a tool built over a decade ago, XWiki has garnered strong market credibility. This clearly makes it the top wiki software we have today.

•   Diverse Use Cases

XWiki helps you unlock its true potential by using it for - wikis, knowledge base, websites, and collaborative intranet.


YouNeedaWiki tool

YouNeedaWiki integrates directly with Google Drive and Google Docs, giving you a stellar wiki creation experience. All you have to do is import your Google Drive files and start creating your company wiki. Any changes made to the Google Docs are instantly reflected in your wiki. The best part is that if you want to switch to another provider in the future, you can do that easily, as all your data is saved in your Google Drive.


✓   Easy Sharing Options

Share your wiki easily with anyone in your team or contact list.

✓   Collaborate

Use Google Docs features for collaborative editing and formatting of content.

✓   Find Content Easily

The tool’s nested tree menu and speedy interface helps you find information faster.


starts at $0.


MindTouch open-source wiki software

An open-source wiki software, MindTouch offers an AI-powered and enterprise-grade knowledge management system for small, medium, and large organizations. The tool scales as your requirements grow, maintains a 99.5%+ uptime and provides an advanced reporting system. An easy-to-use editor, flexible processes, permissions and privacy options, touchpoints, and pre-built integrations are some of the highlights of this wiki software.


✓   Easy To Use Editor

Get access to various styling and formatting options, add images, and create personalized content for your employees.

✓   Content Feedback

Allow employees to leave feedback on articles via your rating and commenting system.

✓   Intelligent Search

Provide the most relevant article suggestions at the top of the search results and give your employees a smooth search experience.

✓    Permissions & Privacy

Configure permissions and privacy settings to allow authorized users to access your wiki.


Available on request.


Tettra wiki software

A simple and smart wiki tool, Tettra helps you document your business processes, policies, and other critical information in a centralized platform. Answering employees’ questions and onboarding new employees is a breeze with this wiki software. It allows all your teams to work together and contribute knowledge, track updates, and keep everyone on the same page. The tool is perfect for growing teams who are looking for ways to induct new members smoothly and increase team productivity.


✓   Ready To Use Templates

Save time and create wiki pages instantly with Tettra’s ready-to-use templates

✓   Powerful Search

Index your articles’ titles, headers, and body content to make them searchable.

✓   Easy Referencing

Embed Google Drive files in your wiki, refer GitHub issues, or add any other existing files to your wiki.

✓   Collaborative Authoring

Involve all your teams to share their knowledge in the wiki. Give editing rights to the right people to ensure that only a few selected individuals can make changes to the wiki’s content.


starts at $0.

Why Use Tettra?

•   Internal Q&As

Tettra has a built-in Q&A platform where employees can ask questions and get accurate answers from subject matter experts.

•   Slack Integration

Teams can use Tettra and Slack together to get quick notifications on updated wiki pages and to give and receive answers.


TiddlyWiki software

A non-linear notebook for collecting, structuring, organizing, and sharing complex information, TiddlyWiki is the brainchild of software developer Jeremy Rustom. This wiki software is ideal for recording information and keeping it organized so that it’s easily accessible even after years. Want to take notes, keep a journal, or manage tasks? Whatever it is, TiddlyWiki helps you with anything you need.


✓    Editor Toolbar

Write, edit, and format text easily, add images and preview text with TiddlyWiki’s editor.

✓   Importing Tiddlers

Import content from external documents using the import button or drag and drop function.

✓   Customization Options

Add a table of contents, set background images, and use style sheets to customize your wiki.


Available on Request.

Why Use TiddlyWiki?

•   Best for Small or Personal Projects

TiddlyWiki is one of those rare tools you can use for your personal projects such as - writing a novel, arranging a wedding, planning a personal project, etc.

•   Supports Different Browsers

TiddlyWiki supports multiple browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and more.



Wiki.js is a modern version of traditional wiki platforms. It is an open-source wiki tool with an intuitive interface, easy installation process, and a bundle of features that make wiki creation a fun-filled experience. Based on Node.js, the software comes with a wide array of modules that can be turned on and off depending on which features you need and which ones you don’t.


✓    40+ Languages Supported

Translate your wiki in over 40 languages without coding.

✓   Groups & Permissions

Add users, assign them into groups, and set permissions to keep control of their activities.

✓    Assets Manager

Manage all media assets in one place and use them whenever you want.


Available on Request.

Why Use Wiki.js?

•   Wide-Ranging Modules

Every team has unique requirements. With Wiki.js’ modules, it’s easy to turn on and off the exact features, youfeatures you need for your wiki and the ones that you don’t find useful.

•   Built-in Authentication

Wiki.js has a built-in authentication system with its password recovery and self-registration features.

•   External Integrations

There are 50 powerful third-party integrations that Wiki.js offers, so you can make the most of this wiki software.

Types of Wiki Software

There are primarily two types of wiki software:

1.   On-Premise

An on-premise or more commonly known as self-hosted wiki software, is a licensed tool you need to purchase and then host on your own servers. This means more data security and more upfront investment in your IT infrastructure.

2.   Cloud-Based

On the contrary, cloud-based wiki software is hosted on the servers of a third party. No heavy investment is involved. You subscribe to the plans as per your team’s requirements and pay only for what you use.

Get the Best Wiki Software That Best Suits Your Unique Needs

  • You now have a comprehensive list of the best wiki software. Out of these, some are self-hosted and free, others are cloud-based and paid. The tools share some similar features but are also unique at different levels. Compare them on their features, ease of use, and affordability, and pick the one that fits your needs.

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