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Best Customer Delight Rate – Expert Advice

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Instant answers – that’s what customers look for when reaching out to your support team.

But what if they aren’t able to deliver prompt responses in time of need?

Imagine: One of your customers, Steve, approached your support team 15 days back with a query. He was confused how a particular aspect of your product will pan out.

First email, then reaching out through chat and now it’s a dreadful call. The moment Steve is put on the line, your support agent is bombarded with a deluge of complaints. They all seek quick answers but your support agents fails to do so. Such actions put your organization in a tough spot where it faces the brunt of negative reviews and your prospects tend to become wary of your services too.

Unhappy customers feels like having no customers at all. But this scenario can easily be prevented if you create an external knowledge base that caters answers to the frequently asked questions.

Creating FAQs with a knowledge base software can help your support reps save time for technical queries. Plus, you’ll get to see more delighted customers. If this doesn’t sound convincing and have second thoughts about adopting such tool for your organization, then read on to see what customer support industry experts have to say about its integration.
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Samantha Demers

Samantha Demers

Director of Communications

AI is all the craze, but so are personalized human-like experiences. How do you delight your customers and retain the personal touch of human-powered customer service while reducing support costs through automation? The answer is three-fold: a knowledge base software, usage analytics, and machine learning. This winning combo can automatically uncover who your customers are by their search information, their usage patterns, and various other queues. An intelligent knowledge management system searches result personal and relevant for each user, possible thanks to artificial intelligence.

 Deltek, a global provider of enterprise software, used a customer-facing knowledge management solution to make information about their company easier to locate for their 20,000-strong user base. By providing a self-service portal along with an online customer service community forum, Deltek increased user activity on their online forums, improved online customer satisfaction by 2 points (to a total rating of 93.4%), and reduced case resolution time by 20%.


Tanya Yablonskaya

Ecommerce Industry Analyst

You might not be able to measure the degree of customer delight. But you can see it reflected in some customers choosing you over competitors time after time. What’s more – delighted customers return accompanied by friends in the best tradition of word-of-mouth marketing. Implying more revenue, this makes customer delight worth fighting.

 Implementing a corporate knowledge base can be a good step towards superior customer service and support where speed and proficiency are of paramount importance. Given that each employee owns a piece of information and can efficiently address only a part of customer requests, centralizing and managing collective knowledge and hands-on experience leads to the enhanced professional competence of the whole team. As a result, while working with customers, employees connect to the knowledge base to provide them with the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date information.

Shita Biswas

Ipshita Biswas

Digital Marketing Specialist

Today’s generation is probably the busiest and thus have made us more impatient. Naturally, when we come across an issue in our day to day life, we seek the help of internet and try to find the solution ourselves rather than asking someone. Quoting Forrester, ‘Use of help or FAQs on a company’s website increased from 67% in 2012 to 81% in 2015 among US online adults.’

The stats clearly explain that more and more people are going for finding answers rather than getting a support agent’s help. A robust knowledge base not only satisfies the customers but also can come handy to the support agents thereby boosting customer delight rate. A knowledge base should get updated continuously and analyzed for a better result.

Steven Macdonald

Steven Macdonald

Marketing Manager

Is this what you are looking for?

The importance of having a knowledge base shouldn’t get underestimated. A company’s website is now the primary channel used for support as customers prefer self-service over human contact.

Sure, you can offer email support (avg. 12 hour response times) or add live chat to your website (1 in 5 chats go ignored), but neither beat a useful, well-designed knowledge base.

If you haven’t invested in a knowledge base yet, now’s the time to do so.

Just remember to make it easy to use. If your customers cannot find the answers they are looking for, they’ll abandon it and never use it again. On the other hand, a helpful knowledge base will reduce support tickets and improve customer happiness. Both of which generate higher profits for your business!

If you’ve ever been a customer (I’m guessing you have), you’ll know waiting around sucks. You’re just looking for a quick answer, but usually, that quick answer takes hours, or even days, by which time you’ve moved onto other things.

Delighting customers conjures up thoughts of showering with gifts or exceeding their exceptions, but a lot of the time it’s just about meeting their expectations and cutting down time wasted.

With a good set of docs on your knowledge base, you can cut time waiting multiple hours to minutes, so they can carry on succeeding with your product rather than leaving.

Final Verdict…

Happy customers means booming business. Therefore, keeping the customer delight rate high should be your top priority. And the first step in that direction is to create a knowledge base that helps to answer their frequently asked questions efficiently.

By doing so, you’ll help your customer support reps as they will have more time to work on technical queries. Other than that, your customers also get a platform where they can find instant answers to their queries. So, if you had doubts about getting a knowledge base software integrated to your support department, then we hope that the expert’s advice can help you take the right decision.

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