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10 Best RoboHelp Alternatives for 2023

RoboHelp is a modern, next-generation tool for building self-service platforms like knowledge bases, user guides, and manuals. Power-packed with out-of-the-box features, RoboHelp aids in faster authoring and omnichannel publishing. 

Despite being a robust help authoring tool, why are businesses looking for its alternatives? 

Although RoboHelp is a popular knowledge base platform, there are certain limitations that are making people search for better options. 

For example, the tool doesn’t offer much variety when it comes to knowledge base templates.  Another reason can be the lack of comprehensive reports, which is considered a key feature of help authoring tools.  

If these drawbacks feel familiar, we are here to help!

After rigorous research across multiple review platforms, we have put together a list of the 10 best RoboHelp alternatives that function better than RoboHelp at multiple levels. 

Let’s go!

Why Look for RoboHelp Alternatives? 

Adobe RoboHelp is a popular help authoring tool packed with some of the best features. However, it has some major limitations that make businesses switch to better alternatives. 

Let’s look at some of the biggest drawbacks of this tool: 

1. Limited Reports

Unlike its competitors, RoboHelp offers a limited number of static textual reports that lack depth. 

2. Drag and Drop Import not Supported

RoboHelp doesn’t support drag and drop import and bulk import of files. 

3. Basic & Limited Templates

There is not much variety when it comes to knowledge base templates. You only get a few basic samples to choose from. 

The Features RoboHelp Alternatives Must Have 

Getting your hands on the right RoboHelp alternative gets a whole lot easier when you know what exactly to look for. 

Here are some vital features that all RoboHelp alternatives must have: 

1. Online Editor

This is a crucial feature that allows you to author and edit content, as well as design your knowledge base just the way you want. 

2. Access Controls

All RoboHelp alternatives must give you the ability to control the access rights of users. You should be able to assign roles and permissions to users and control what they can and cannot do in your knowledge base. 

3. Ready-to-use Templates

Templates are noted for their ability to take half of the burden off your shoulders. The RoboHelp alternative you choose should provide professionally-designed templates, so you can get started in no time. 

4. Single Sourcing

This is an essential feature that enables you to source a piece of content and update it across multiple articles all at once. 

5. Detailed Reports:

Built-in reports help you keep a close eye on your self-help patterns and article effectiveness. The insights can be leveraged to enhance knowledge base quality and performance. 

6. Third-Party Integrations:

The right RoboHelp alternatives work well with popular ticketing, collaboration, analytics, and many other tools, promising a holistic self-service experience. 

Our Selection Criteria for RoboHelp Alternatives 

We followed strict criteria so as to get you the best-in-breed RoboHelp alternatives that perfectly fit your needs and expectations. 

Let’s have a look: 

1. Core Knowledge Base Features:

Every RoboHelp alternative must comprise core knowledge base features like a rich authoring system, customizations, and reports. 

2. Listed on Top Review Sites:

All RoboHelp alternatives must be listed on leading review platforms like Capterra, G2, and SoftwareWorld. 

3. Minimum 10 User Reviews:

It’s essential for RoboHelp alternatives to have at least 10 genuine user reviews on the above-mentioned platforms. 

10 Best RoboHelp Alternatives Worth Your Time & Money

1. ProProfs Knowledge Base

ProProfs Knowledge Base

ProProfs Knowledge Base is a feature-rich help authoring tool that allows you to build knowledge bases, documentation, manuals, and user guides. Using pre-designed templates and an MS Word-like editor, you can kickstart content creation on the right foot. You can also import files from multiple sources, track article versions, and design your knowledge base using CSS and white-labeling. 

Key Features: 

  • Build content quickly using expert-designed templates
  • Define user roles and permissions to boost collaboration
  • Generate insightful reports on knowledge base performance 
  • Tailor your knowledge base using suitable colors, fonts, and themes
  • Set up password and security controls to keep your content secure

Choose it for: Comprehensive reports, user management, security controls

Third-party integrations allowed: Yes

Pricing: Starts from $30/author/month

2. MadCap Flare

MadCap Flare is a popular tool for creating technical documentation and help sites

MadCap Flare is a popular tool for creating technical documentation and help sites. This RoboHelp alternative helps you manage the entire content development workflow, right from building content to publishing and translating it for your target audience. Highly versatile and scalable, MadCap Flare comes with an easy-to-use interface and allows teams to work collaboratively on documents. 

Key Features: 

  • Easily import content from Word, Excel, Confluence, and other similar tools
  • Maximize content reuse through single sourcing
  • Create content in minutes using pre-build templates
  • Boost your document’s SEO for improved visibility 
  • Improve content accuracy and reliability with in-depth analytics

Pros & Cons: 


  • Publish your content in multiple formats including PDF, MS Word, Epub, etc. 
  • Manage a variety of content including employee handbooks, manuals, and documentation from a single location


  •  The software acts buggy at times
  • Limited integrations 

Choose it for: Easy importing, real-time analytics, multi-language authoring

Third-party integrations allowed: Yes

Pricing: Starts from $167/user/month (On-Premises)

3. HelpNDoc

HelpNDoc is similar software like RoboHelp

HelpNDoc is similar software like RoboHelp, which is noted for its versatility. With an intuitive user interface and multi-device responsiveness, this tool helps you produce documentation in eight different formats, including PDF, HTML, MS Word, etc. It comes with a full-featured topic editor, an advanced table of contents, and a vast library of media items that make for a stellar authoring experience. 

Key Features: 

  • Export projects as websites, ebooks, and help files
  • Create documentation for multiple devices and screen sizes
  • Generate different variations of a document using conditional content
  • Speed-up help authoring using the tool’s simple user interface
  • Configure every little aspect of your documentation just the way you want

Pros & Cons: 


  • Multiple documentation formats
  • Free software updates for one year


  • Limited integrations
  • User interface could be modernized

Choose it for: Multiple documentation formats, advanced project analyzer, reusable media library

Third-party integrations allowed: Yes

Pricing: Starts from 99€

4. Help+Manual

Help+Manual online RoboHelp alternative

Help+Manual simplifies the process of creating documentation through its easy-to-use editor and multi-channel outputs. This online RoboHelp alternative helps you publish documentation across devices, so customers can use it on the go. Help+Manual offers a holistic solution that includes features for multi-user editing, translation management, version control, and project management.  

Key Features: 

  • Let multiple authors work collaboratively on documents
  • Maintain document versions and roll back to previous versions if required
  • Edit multiple topics simultaneously in multiple tabs
  • Add conditional tags to chapters and topics for seamless organization
  • Create multiple table of contents for content structuring

Pros & Cons: 


  • Easily migrate content from MS Word, RoboHelp, HTML, etc. 
  • Built-in tools for screenshot capture and GIF recording


  • Doesn’t offer in-depth reports 
  • Lacks SEO functionality

Choose it for: Multi-channel output, translation management, version control

Third-party integrations allowed: No

Pricing: Starts from $798/license

5. ClickHelp

ClickHelp is a robust online documentation tool

ClickHelp is a robust online documentation tool that offers an all-in-one solution for creating knowledge bases, user manuals, online tutorials, and much more. This RoboHelp competitor provides a centralized location to manage your documentation collaboratively. If you have existing content stored externally, you can easily migrate it to ClickHelp and expedite the content creation process. 

Key Features:

  • Control reviewer and author access using roles and permissions
  • Let employees collaborate to review content more efficiently
  • Access unlimited version history and detailed auditing
  • Track content metrics to evaluate and improve document performance
  • Easily migrate content from tools like MadCap Flare and Confluence

Pros & Cons: 


  • Get email notifications for comments and workflow events
  • Single sign-on support for enhanced security


  • The Essentials Plan lacks crucial features 
  • Lacks ready-to-use templates

Choose it for: Advanced permission controls, intuitive editor, easy migration

Third-party integrations allowed: Yes

Pricing: Starts from $55/author/month

6. Archbee

Archbee is another alternative to RoboHelp

Archbee is another alternative to RoboHelp that is worth your time, attention, and money. Using this software, you can build top-notch documentation without writing a single line of code. Your team can build content in collaboration under a single roof using the Markdown editor that comes with over 30 custom blocks. Archbee’s drag-and-drop interface works like a charm when it comes to structuring and organizing your documentation. 

Key Features:

  • Organize documents systematically in Spaces
  • Access document history and revert to previous versions
  • Configure access control settings to keep your documentation public or private
  • Mention docs and people inside your documentation for easy collaboration
  • Create content effortlessly using Markdown editor

Pros & Cons: 


  • Get access to infinite document history
  • Track qualitative analytics to monitor document performance


  • Lacks co-editing features
  • No mobile app

Choose it for: Collaborative content authoring, public and private spaces, on-page SEO

Third-party integrations allowed: Yes

Pricing: Starts from $79/month

7. HelpSmith

HelpSmith is a full-fledged help authoring tool

HelpSmith is a full-fledged help authoring tool, perfect for creating HTML help files, Word docs, and manuals – all from a single source. Its full-featured word processor lets you build content quickly and even customize the look and feel of your help site. Additionally, HelpSmith’s responsive layout, beautiful themes, and easy integrations make this tool a great choice. 

Key Features: 

  • Capture and add screenshots using a built-in image tool
  • Import files from HTML, MS Word, and other such tools
  • Customize the look of your help sites with topic templates
  • Create documentation that runs smoothly on desktop and mobile devices
  • Deploy ready-to-use themes for a visually-appealing help site

Pros & Cons: 


  • Manage all videos and images in a single repository
  • Easy to use ribbon user interface and minimal learning curve


  • Lacks advanced knowledge base features

Choose it for: Built-in image tool, responsive layout, multiple output formats

Third-party integrations allowed: No

Pricing: Starts from $199/seat

8. HelpScribble

HelpScribble is another alternative to RoboHelp

HelpScribble is another alternative to RoboHelp that lets you create help files for your software tools. You can produce hyperlinked documents that run seamlessly on Windows. The best part is HelpScribble doesn’t require programming experience, which means you can get started right away without any fuss. You can also publish documentation in several forms and add context-sensitive help for an immersive self-service experience. 

Key Features: 

  • Create documentation without any programming experience
  • Produce help files across formats such as HTML, WinHelp, website, etc. 
  • Provide context-sensitive help inside documents 
  • Use hyperlinks to make your documentation easy to navigate
  • Create content effortlessly using the tool’s built-in word processor 

Pros & Cons: 


  • Easy to use with a short learning curve
  • Multiple documentation formats


  • Lacks ready-to-use knowledge base templates
  • Key features like access controls and reports are not provided

Choose it for: Multiple documentation formats, ease of use, context-sensitive help

Third-party integrations allowed: Yes

Pricing: Starts from $99/user

9. Helpinator

Helpinator RoboHelp alternative

Helpinator houses a WYSIWYG editor, and code snippets, as well as tools for screenshot capture and GIF recorder. This Adobe RoboHelp alternative is designed to make technical writing a tad bit easier, through its out-of-the-box feature set. You can generate documentation in over 20 formats, including Markdown, DocBook, and DITA. The tool comes with a short learning curve, so you can get started quickly. 

Key Features: 

  • Author technical content quickly using WYSIWYG editor
  • Publish documentation in multiple formats such as PDF, WebHelp, HTML, etc. 
  • Manage multilingual projects from one single file
  • Record on-screen activities and convert them into GIFs
  • Use global spell-check to create error-free documents

Pros & Cons: 


  • Single-source publishing
  • Multi-lingual help authoring


  • It’s not a cloud-based tool
  • Lacks features like internal comments and access controls

Choose it for: Technical documentation, multi-lingual projects, built-in screenshot capture tools

Third-party integrations allowed: Yes

Pricing: Starts from $99/year

10. Dr. Explain

Dr. Explain helps you create user-friendly help documentation for your customers

Dr. Explain helps you create user-friendly help documentation for your customers. You can publish help sites across multiple formats and devices to make them easily accessible for customers. With a well-designed interface and specialized text editor, creating content is literally a breeze. Additionally, you can also create callouts on screenshots and illustrations to deliver an immersive self-serve experience. 

Key Features

  • Create help sites across multiple formats such as HTML, CHM, and PDF
  • Instantly preview files in online and print format
  • Build content quickly using customizable templates and text editor
  • Allow multiple users to work collaboratively on documents
  • Create callouts for screenshots and illustrations

Pros & Cons


  • Automate routine tasks like creating screenshots and indexing content
  • Publish your documentation across multiple formats


  • Screen capture utility works slowly at times
  • Editing can be a pain for documents loaded with visuals

Choose it for: Specialized text editor, context-sensitive help, multi-user collaboration

Third-party integrations allowed: No

Pricing: Starts from $190/user/year

Comparison of the Best Alternatives of RoboHelp 

Software  Price  Public & Private Ready-to-use templates User roles & permissions  Built-in reports Third-party integrations
ProProfs Knowledge Base $30/author/month Y Y Y Y Y
MadCap Flare $167/user/month (On-Premises) Y Y Y Y Y
Help+Manual $199/license N Y N Y N
HelpNDoc 99€ N Y N N Y
Clickhelp $55/author/month Y Y Y Y Y
Archbee $79/month Y Y Y Y Y
HelpSmith $199/seat N Y N N
HelpScribble $99/user/license N N N N Y
Helpinator $99/year N Y N Y Y
Dr.Explain $190/user/year N Y Y N Y
Adobe RoboHelp Not Mentioned Y Y Y Y Y

Final Verdict: Which RoboHelp Alternative Should You Go for? 

RoboHelp is a modern help authoring tool that helps you provide brilliant technical self-service experiences to customers. Right from content creation to publication and delivery, RoboHelp comprises all the necessary tools that you need at every stage of the process. 

Despite being a stellar tool, businesses are looking for superior alternatives to RoboHelp. 

That’s because the tool comes with a set of serious drawbacks that can be highly disappointing for some users. For example, the lack of pre-designed templates and in-depth reports can put off users and urge them to search for better options. 

If you are sailing in the same boat and confused as to which tool to invest in, here are our recommendations. 

Versatility and affordability – you will find both these elements in ProProfs Knowledge Base. It is super easy to use and offers state-of-the-art features that get the work done quickly. 

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