Founded in 2011, Ayyeka Technologies is one of the world’s leading industrial IoT solutions providers across industries such as waste water, energy, oil and gas, environment, and many more. We provide hardware, software, and firmware solutions to help our customers gain the data, visibility, and operational awareness to make management decisions about their dispersed assets. With over 500 clients and partners worldwide, we continuously strive to help our customers achieve improved business efficiency and compliance.

Yehudit Kunkel from Ayyeka


We had white-label branded OEMs coming on board, and we needed to have a single knowledge base that would handle all of the OEMs. We wanted the knowledge base to show distinct labeling, terminology, and content to each OEM. Our challenge was to make OEMs think that we have a different knowledge base for each one of them, when in reality, it’s a single knowledge base.

We interviewed a number of knowledge base software providers. None of them met our requirements. The distinguishing factor with ProProfs was that it was ready to enhance the software to handle this particular challenge to get so many diverse elements under the management of one knowledge base. ProProfs added the required functionality before we signed on, which made it even more compelling that this is the company that’s going to work.

Yehudit Kunkel from Ayyeka


ProProfs Knowledge Base software is very easy to use and intuitive. In case of any questions, we can simply use their knowledge base to get answers which is very helpful. It is also scalable which is important for us as we can easily add any number of help sites for our OEMs with minimum effort. It takes just about an hour to add another OEM. It acts as a single source of truth which is critical for us. The best part is, each OEM looks at their knowledge base as their own, with its unique branding, terminology, logo and colors. So now we have different knowledge bases branded differently for all our OEMs.

With ProProfs Knowledge Base, we have total control over what is shown to whom and in what format. That’s also critical. For example, for Ayyeka, the knowledge base uses our brand-specific terminologies, but for OEMs, the knowledge base will have their specific branding. Ease of maintenance is another deciding factor that convinced us to give ProProfs Knowledge Base a shot. No backup, no restores, no builds, and no headaches. This is essential because it takes the load off my shoulders and helps me focus on other important aspects of the knowledge base.

Yehudit Kunkel from Ayyeka


Ayyeka is very unique in how it pushes itself to keep innovating and developing new software, software, and firmware. We pushed the KB software companies to innovate with us, and only ProProfs took up the challenge. It is a win win.

Yehudit Kunkel from Ayyeka

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