Established in 2009, Orchestrade is a blend of Silicon Valley innovation and financial expertise. Their acclaimed platform is trusted by leading financial and energy firms globally for advanced trading strategies. Designed as a solution to outdated technology in investment banks, Orchestrade offers a cross-asset system that streamlines product introductions and operations. Their commitment to efficiency is evident in timely implementations and a diverse workforce, with 35% being female. The firm has won several awards, including "Best Risk Management Technology" at the HFM European Services Awards 2023.


In my role as a senior technical writer at Orchestrade, I was tasked with crafting and overseeing our documentation for both internal and external stakeholders. Our goal was to offer customers straightforward access to user manuals, troubleshooting resources, and best practices. Additionally, we aimed to bolster internal communication and collaboration among our technical writers and developers.

Yet, we were hindered by our use of Flare, a desktop software. This platform was not only clunky but also lacked essential features. Creating, editing, and publishing articles was a challenge. Organizing content into structured categories, tagging for searchability, and exporting as PDFs were all cumbersome tasks. Plus, we couldn't effectively gauge the performance of our content through analytics.


Given these challenges, we transitioned to ProProfs Knowledge Base, which is a cloud-based solution. This platform empowered us with an intuitive editor and robust CSS customization options, simplifying the creation, editing, and publishing processes.

Organizing content became a breeze, and the tagging system improved searchability.

Additionally, the ability to export content as PDFs and access detailed analytics transformed our documentation approach.


Adopting ProProfs Knowledge Base brought about significant improvements:

  • Our customers now enjoy accurate and current information, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty to our products and services.
  • We've seen a marked reduction in support tickets and calls, as customers can now self-service most of their queries.
  • Our internal teams collaborate more efficiently, with multiple authors co-editing documents in real-time.
  • We've also realized time and resource savings, as there's no longer a need for individual software installations.

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