Sikt is a leading provider of library services to the education sector in Norway. They offer a library system that helps their customers manage their collections, loans, reservations, and other tasks. Sikt has a large customer base across all regions of the country, and they need to provide effective and timely support to their users.


Before using ProProfs Knowledge Base, Sikt faced several challenges with their customer support. They had a high volume of support tickets, especially in the tier one category, which involved basic questions and issues that could be easily resolved by the users themselves. They also had difficulties in reaching their customers and educating them about the features and functionalities of their library system. Sikt needed a way to create and publish user-friendly documentation that would help their customers with self-help and self-teaching, and reduce the pressure on their support team.


Sikt decided to use ProProfs Knowledge Base as a site to publish their documentation for their library services. ProProfs Knowledge Base is an online tool that allows users to create, manage, and share knowledge bases with ease.

Sikt found ProProfs Knowledge Base to be easy to use, streamlined, and flexible. They liked the editor that helped them standardize the format of their articles, and the ability to link between articles and use anchors to improve the user experience. They also appreciated the analytics feature that enabled them to track the usage and performance of their knowledge base, and identify areas for improvement.

sikt solution


By using ProProfs Knowledge Base, Sikt achieved remarkable results for their customer support and satisfaction. They reduced their customer support load by 50%, as they saw a decrease in the number of tier one tickets and an increase in the number of self-service cases. They also improved their user satisfaction, as they received positive feedback from their customers about the quality and accessibility of their documentation.

Sikt’s customers found ProProfs Knowledge Base to be a reliable and helpful source of information that helped them perform various tasks in the library system. Sikt’s team members were also happy with ProProfs Knowledge Base, as they found it to be a simple and effective way to create and share their documentation.


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