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How Knowledge Management System Increases Your Team’s Efficiency

Knowledge Management System

When it comes to working in an organization, the most valuable asset for an employer is his employees. The business can work efficiently only when its employees are motivated, dedicated and happy with their work. The only way to keep employees happy is to make the business processes easy and used-friendly. That’s where a knowledge-based management software comes into play. It can help the entire company collaborate with each other, which in turn, increases each department’s productivity.

We all know that the bigger the organization is, the larger number of teams it has, and the more difficult it gets to manage their tasks and projects accordingly. There is nothing worse than a disappointed employee who does not get appreciated for all the hard work he has put into completing his tasks. This is where a properly implemented knowledge-based software plays its part. From sharing documents and managing training sessions, to providing individual employee feedback, this system has the answer to all organizational problems.

In addition to smoothly executing the company’s operations, it also plays a key role in team building and juicing out the creativity and efficiency. A team comprises of multiple people of different natures and different departments who are interconnected with each other and require continuous to & fro communication to get things done efficiently by a given deadline. Each project consists of unimaginable amounts of data, documents, training, feedbacks, and appraisals which need looking into. And most importantly, smooth execution.

Let’s take a project as an example to see what role a knowledge management software plays in smooth execution and delivery of a project.

For example, the company has to create a website for a client. A specific team is assigned which includes a project manager, a website designer, a front-end developer, a back-end developer, and a tester. For the project to work smoothly, all these employees are required to be synchronized and on the same page to avoid a hassle-free execution.

Here’s how a good knowledge-based management software helps in making a team more efficient.

Briefing About a Project Becomes No Problem          

When the project enters the gates, the most crucial part is getting the facts together and understanding what it is all about. Before giving a go head to the team, it is very important that everyone is on the same page and knows exactly how to get it done. For that, each organization has to plan a briefing session which includes people from different departments who are assigned to work on the particular project.

The company is required to call a briefing session where all the employees are briefed about the specifications of the client and the proposed execution plan. By using a knowledge management system, the organization can easily create a project brief by uploading all the necessary documentation, any reference links, and videos and easily present to the team in one meeting. The ProPofs knowledge base can be accessed from anywhere at any time. All team members are connected to one another in this cloud-based system. The company can easily send out a notification to all the respective employees and everyone can come prepared for the briefing.

Sharing Files Is as Easy as Pie

Once the project is understood by everyone, it commences and the upper management is required to get a regular update. Along the way, there can be additional documents sent by the client which are helpful for the project. By using the knowledge-based software, the company can simply upload the document in the respective project and the file can be shared in the entire organization with a very easy process.

Sharing documents can be a risky business when it comes to large size organizations. ProPofs Knowledge base software is a cloud-based software which uses conditional content rules to ensure authorized access to content. It can share files with single users or group of users with maximum security protection.

This knowledge base can be integrated with many other SAAS tools like Google Analytics, Zendesk & more.

This saves valuable employee hours and information is communicated effectively. The system also allows commenting on each file which helps answer employee queries.

Calling a Training Session Is Just a Click Away

There are times when some employees have to work on skills other than their expertise which requires training. With a knowledge-based software, setting up a training session is not many phone calls and long discussions. With this software, the employees can be called for a brief training session with all the necessary details. The company can simply create a training session slot in their software and the necessary information for the employees. This information can include the date, time, venue, attendees, agenda and also the trainer information for that particular session.

Some training also requires training materials. These materials can easily be uploaded onto the system which can be accessed on the day of training and also are saved for a later date for the employees to access and take help. In addition to this, the company can also upload a complete video of the session which can be accessed at any time.

Better employee training leads to higher efficiency.

Miscommunication Problems Between Teams Is Sorted

During the course of a project, the team is required to frequently communicate with each other for any queries or comments. The main source of problems in an organization during project execution is miscommunication. Solving this problem can lead to a huge increase in the efficiency of a team. The knowledge-based software gives the team a common platform to communicate and discuss with minimum human interaction. With the platform, all team members are on board and every one of them can participate actively in the discussion and help their each other overcome any technical and non-technical issues faced.

A project execution is only done smoothly when all loopholes are filled and all potential problems have been discussed. The team will be able to do wonders if it is clear on what to do. Communication is the key to limitless power over your employees. Tell them exactly what to do and they will surprise the organization with amazing performance.

Sending out Appraisals Is Fun

With open communication and easy file access and sharing, the project has been executed very well and the client returns happy and makes the organization rich! Now the time to make the employees happy is here. This is the most difficult part of the year for the employees when they are waiting to get the fruit of their hard work. The organization contains many employees in different departments and each employee is to be sent a different feedback and improvement guide. Doing this individually can take up a lot of valuable time. A knowledge-based software makes life easy. During the course of the project, the managerial level can regularly update each employee performance which is easily compiled at the end. All that needs to be done is sending this performance to the respective employees.

This performance can contain text comments, a performance graph, improvement ideas and also a scale which shows how much that particular person has to work in his future days in the organization. The system keeps the record of all employee appraisals for future use and is also used in calculating the bonus amount at the end of the year.

With the knowledge-based system, the company remains managed and keeps records and data safe until it is needed at the right time. Employees always want to work in a place which is managed and helps them at every step of the way.

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