Frequence is a software company that develops an advertising and marketing platform for businesses. The platform is used extensively in running various advertising campaigns, be it TV ads, digital ads, or search engine promotions. A significant part of the ad-tech marketing industry, Frequence simplifies the process of creating marketing proposals for clients, overseeing entire campaigns, and providing valuable analytics on campaign performance. At its core, Frequence aims to provide a seamless marketing experience, ensuring their clients can conveniently plan, execute, manage, and analyze their advertising campaigns from a single platform.


Before ProProfs, the team Frequence was challenged with managing and scaling their knowledge base. They were using Madcap Flare for their documentation, which was not scalable for the writers. They had to rely heavily on their engineering team and use additional AWS space every time they needed to increase the number of sites they were offering and the amount of content on those sites. Another significant issue was providing secure access to their knowledge base only through their platform with a single sign-on option. They also desired better analytics to track user interactions and share insights with internal teams.


Frequence chose ProProfs due to the latter's vast experience in the field, affordability, and readiness to enhance the tool as per their needs. The issue with single sign-on got fixed instantly, "It started off that collaborative relationship immediately," says Laura La Barbera, senior technical writer at Frequence. ProProfs allowed us to set up multiple sites with custom branding for different types of clients, serving both their internal needs for onboarding and daily reference, as well as external needs for white-labeled client platforms. The tool also enabled them to keep track of user interactions through analytics.


Frequence can now manage and scale their knowledge base efficiently without constantly calling in engineering assistance or using more AWS spaces. ProProfs allowed them to maintain tight control over access to their knowledge base while also allowing for customization for different types of clients. They appreciate the ability to "reuse a lot of content" and not have to "reinvent the wheel every time," thereby enhancing their overall productivity and effectiveness.

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