Travel company knowledge base template
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Travel company knowledge base template
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Travel company knowledge base template
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Travel company knowledge base template
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What is a Travel Company Knowledge Base?

A travel company knowledge base is an online help center that provides customers with instant, 24x7 access to travel-related information. Packed with detailed travel guides, videos, and FAQs, a travel knowledge base answers all customer questions related to holiday destinations, flights, hotels, etc., in seconds. This quick access to information keeps travel-related troubles away and ensures that customers have a memorable experience wherever they go.

Definition of travel company knowledge base

What Can a Travel Company Knowledge Base Do for You?

Whether you are just starting out or have an established business in the travel and tourism sector, creating a travel knowledge base can keep you ahead of the game. Let’s see how. With a travel company knowledge base, you can:

Make knowledge base for your customers
Help Customers Help Themselves

With a full-fledged self-service system, customers can quickly look for answers to any questions they have. Whether they want to compare flights, find the best hotels in a city, or select a safe place for their next holiday, a travel knowledge base helps them at every step.

Help Travel Agents Provide Better Services

A travel company knowledge base is equally useful for agents as it is for customers. With easy access to an extensive information resource, agents can confidently answer customer questions while keeping the resolution time to a minimum. Goodbye, long hold time!

Travel company knowledge base help in providing better services
Dedicated travel company help center can position your business as the industry leader
Position Yourself as an Industry Leader

A dedicated help center for your travel company with highly-relevant information can position your business as the industry leader. When customers find meaningful information and useful insights in your knowledge base, they are likely to see you as an expert and trust the support you provide.

Reduce Tickets for Petty Issues

Clueless customers are more likely to raise tickets for petty issues that do not require agent intervention. A comprehensive travel knowledge base helps customers solve basic problems on their own and raise tickets only for complex issues that they can’t find a solution to.

Travel company knowledge base help in reducing support tickets

What Should You Include in Your Travel Knowledge Base?

For a travel company knowledge base to be of real help to customers and agents, it should provide all the necessary information, such as:

Travel knowledge base content

About ProProfs Travel Company Knowledge Base Template

The travel company knowledge base template designed by ProProfs can give you the right headstart and get your help center ready in minutes. It comes with a pre-built framework comprising a home page, table of contents, and topic-wise sections. The template is 100% customizable, which means you can tweak it to match your vision of an ideal knowledge base.

ProProfs travel company knowledge base template

How to Create a Travel Company Knowledge Base

Building an online knowledge base for a travel company can be taxing, given the effort that goes into consolidating all information and giving it a proper shape. These 5 steps will surely make this task a bit easier.

Step 1: Identify Your Goal

“Why do we need a travel knowledge base?”- Ask this to yourself and your team. Brainstorming is a good way to come up with reasons you never knew existed. Talk to your customer support team and find out the problems that a knowledge base will help you solve. For example, the goal can be as straightforward as reducing support tickets.

Step 2: Set up a Structure

Once you have clarity on the goals, start thinking of the structure of your knowledge base. List down the topics you would cover and decide how exactly you would want to present them. Create a home page with a glimpse of the inside content and a topic hierarchy that flows smoothly from basic to advanced.

Step 3: Start Preparing Content

Pick a suitable travel company help center template and start writing. Since this knowledge base is a comprehensive resource, it would need contributions from multiple people. Involve specialists from your support team and let them prepare the content together. The process gets even easier when you have a robust online editor in place.

Step 4: Review & Improve

Every article that goes into your travel knowledge base should be reviewed deeply. A rigorous review process brings errors to the spotlight and helps the team fix them on time. Create a system where writers can share the articles with editors and subject matter experts, ask for feedback, and improve the quality of the content.

Step 5: Publish

Last comes the publishing stage. Once your content is ready and approved by key members of the team, go ahead and hit the publish button. Modern knowledge base software offer options to publish your knowledge base across the web and mobile so that customers can access it anytime and from any device.

How to Use This Travel Company Knowledge Base Template

ProProfs travel company help center template is thoughtfully designed to take some workload off your shoulders. Its ready-made structure allows you to focus fully on the writing and editing part. Start the process by adding your brand name and logo. You can either rename the categories or use them as they are. If needed, add more topic categories, and then start filling in the space with meaningful content.

Use of Travel company knowledge base

Best Practices to Build an Awesome Travel Knowledge Base

To bring your knowledge base to life, you need much more than 5 basic steps. Here are a few practical tips to take the quality of your knowledge base to a whole different level.

Make the Most of Visuals

Visuals can make even the most boring articles worth reading. Especially when it comes to articles about travel destinations and hotels, visuals play a crucial role. You should add high-quality images and attractive videos in articles and leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Keep It Short & Sweet

Simplicity can work wonders for your travel knowledge base. The easier to read your articles are, the faster customers will understand them. Try to keep the language simple yet engaging. Short paragraphs, bullet points, and action-oriented headings will make your knowledge base more appealing to readers.

Work on Its SEO

If customers find it hard to discover your knowledge base online, how will they even use it? That’s why it is important to optimize the knowledge base for search engines. Add the right keywords, meta tags, and meta descriptions for each article so that your help center is easy to discover on search engines.

Make It Easy to Navigate

For your travel knowledge base to be less overwhelming and more inviting, it should be easy to navigate. With a vast amount of information, it’s important to have proper interlinking and topic hierarchies. This helps customers jump to the right article and get the help they need in a matter of a few clicks.

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