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Why put your network documentation online?

Every organization small or large, has a network system in place, documenting which is crucial to provide your IT team with a complete understanding of how your firm’s network works. Putting network documentation online will help your IT staff get abreast with your circuit inventory, IP addresses, firewall rules, etc. Finding information like L1/L2 drawings online will be of immense help, as your squad of IT professionals can refer to them anytime and from any device, without having to reach out to colleagues over emails or calls. Web-based network documentation is a boon for your business as it will make it easier for your employees to understand your firm's network.

What makes online network documentation better?

With full-fledged online network documentation in place, you can keep your IT professionals updated on any new changes in your network system. ProProfs Knowledge Base software provides various features that help you author content from scratch or upload files easily to your online document. You can also embed videos, graphics, and images in a single click, to make your document interesting and engaging. Its intuitive search functionality provides readers with a smooth and seamless search experience.

Context-sensitive help to simplify the online network document?

Contextual help provided by ProProfs Knowledge Base software in the form of tooltips, pop-ups, and light boxes helps you explain technical jargons and concepts that are difficult to understand. Context-sensitive help ensures that every reader navigating through the document gets a holistic understanding of the contents of your online network document.

How to use this template?

Network documentation template by ProProfs sets a basic outline where you can fill in the necessary information and organize it meticulously for the better understanding of readers. The template is a great way to start creating your network document, as it provides a framework with placeholders. You simply need to replace the placeholder information with relevant content specific to your network system. Whether you wish to write from scratch or upload existing files, network documentation template is the best way to get started.

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