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Want to Keep Your Employees Engaged at Workspace? Here’s How!

Want to Keep Your Employees Engaged at Workspace? Here’s How

Human resource managers world over are struggling to improve employee engagement levels in their business organizations. A recently-conducted survey by Gallup confirms this, indicating that only 32% of employees in the US are actively engaged in their place of work. The figure stands at 13% for employees working worldwide.

The survey paints a bleak picture with stagnant employee engagement figures becoming a conundrum for organizations across the globe, making them rethink their strategies and analyzing as to where the gap is. Probably they are not doing employee engagement in the right way, rendering all their efforts futile.

Contrary to what most organizations think, workforce collaboration is not a one-time effort. It’s a continuous process that yields significant results over time. We have collated a few tips that could unlock the secret to effective employee engagement –

1. Provide a Place to Chill

You may feel creating a place in the office where employees can relax is a waste of time and effort. But it’s not. Stuck in the four walls and meeting deadlines relentlessly will surely lower the energy and enthusiasm levels of your employees. To keep churning out quality deliverables, they need a place where they can unwind, chit-chat, take a power nap or simply be by themselves. This will give them the necessary boost needed to take on the challenges in the rest of the day.

Chilling is as essential as working

2. Listen to Your Employees

Being all ears to what your employees have to say will give you a clear picture of the issues they are facing. Taking feedback from your workforce will not just make them feel valued but will also help you stay in the good books of your employees by addressing concerns timely and implementing relevant suggestions. As the backbone of your organization, employees should have a say in any important decision you take.

Give heed to your employees’ work-related woes

3. Appreciate Openly, Criticize Secretly

Don’t miss any opportunity to praise your employees for that excellent performance on a project, meeting a deadline, stretching extra hours to complete work or for producing deliverables of high quality. Show your appreciation by honoring them with awards during annual parties or meetings. A few words of compliment in a team meeting can work wonders. On the other hand, there can be times when you go berserk for a missed deadline or a lost client for which your team is at fault. Instead of bursting out your anger openly and creating a negative atmosphere, it’s always better to pinpoint things in a secluded room.

Felicitate frequently, admonish discreetly

4. Organize Annual Trips

A trip to a nearby picnic spot can be an excellent opportunity for employees to know one another. Further, the trip doesn’t have to be an expensive one. You can take your employees on an excursion to a quaint little town near to your city during an extended weekend. But ask your employees to keep work-related phone calls at bay during such short annual trips.

Short trips to brew better bonds

5. Pay a Visit to Company Branches

If you are running a large organization and have a widely-spread workforce, it becomes difficult to interact with all your employees on a regular basis. Visiting your branch offices from time to time instills a feeling of belongingness among your employees across all levels. It helps you create a rapport with associates as well as managers and comprehend the challenges they confront at work.

Face-to-face interactions are always better

6. Organize Training Sessions

Train your employees on skills like team-building, collaboration, and communication. Organize activities that bring employees from different teams together. Imbibing a feeling of unity in your workforce and educating it about the importance of working collaboratively will prove beneficial in the long run. Organize activities that enable your employees to walk out of their zone and explore other areas of work. This will ensure that your employees have the required knowledge to support one another in an emergency. Another innovative way to educate your employees about your company, its work history, policies, etc., is to provide them with an online employee handbook, which they can access anytime and from anywhere.

Training sessions can be morale-booster

7. Embrace Modern Ways

With millennials forming a significant part of the workforce of companies, you have to ditch traditional ways and adopt modern means of carrying out daily tasks. For example, something as simple as searching for information can become tedious if employees have to wander from pillar to post, reaching out to numerous people in the firm. To tackle such situations, the best way is to create a centralized knowledge platform using an internal knowledge base software tool. This will enable your employees to search and share information in a single place.  

Ditch the obsolete ways and switch to the modern ones

8. Be Flexible

The millennial workforce is more inclined towards working in an organization that offers the flexibility of place and time. Have trust in your employees and give them the flexibility in timings and location of work. For example, you can allow shift swaps among team members so that work is not affected. After offering great flexibility, you will find your employees being more productive and efficient in the work they produce. The strict 9 to 5 schedule is a creativity-blocker, and this is one of the primary reasons why employees prefer a flexible work environment.

Reduce restrictions to maximize productivity

9. Fix Your Office Infrastructure


Imagine going to the same place every single day and doing the same work. It becomes monotonous, and there comes a saturation point where employees don’t have the zeal to work anymore. Make your infrastructure vibrant and full of bright colors to keep your employees charged and uplifted every day. If there is a dark zone in your office or a section that is in shambles, ensure that it’s fixed. Further, your office should be well lit with sufficient lights and properly ventilated with an air conditioner. Besides this, it’s important that your workspace smells good. Little things like these can leave a considerable impact on the minds of employees.  

A refreshing ambiance can make your employees’ day

10. Friday Fun

Let Friday be the most-awaited day of the week for your employees. Encourage teams to follow the concept of Friday fun, which can be about anything – watching the latest flick, going out for dinner or playing fun games. It will cement the relationship among employees, and they will get to know one another at a personal level as well.

End the week on a positive note

These are just some of the ways that can help you keep your employees engaged. Besides these tips, you can also conduct morning exercise sessions every month, provide facilities like indoor games and gym in the office space, etc.

According to Statista, a whopping 79% companies were of the view that employee engagement was critical for their growth. This reiterates the fact that the more your employees are engaged at the workspace, the better are your prospects of surpassing your competitors and staying ahead in the business.

Do you envisage clocking high revenues, attracting and retaining the creme-de-la-creme employees and generating a positive growth graph? A forward-thinking and innovative approach to employee engagement can bring you the desired results. Be welcoming to new employees, motivate the existing ones and create an atmosphere of collaborative learning in your workplace.  

Of course, there will be times when the days turn blue, and your employees lose the spirit of giving their cent percent to work. But be steady in your efforts to see your dream of an engaged, happy and satisfied workforce, come to fruition.

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