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Enterprise Wiki vs Free Wiki: Which One to Choose and When?

Enterprise Wiki vs Free Wiki Which One to Choose

Wikis can be used for different purposes and that too in a creative way. A wiki is nothing but an online repository of valuable information that’s used to educate the readers. 

There are two types of wikis: Free and Enterprise. Let’s see how they are different from each other. 

Free Wiki vs. Enterprise Wiki

First, let us look at some of the crucial differences between these two wikis. Enterprise wiki is usually a paid software solution whereas a free wiki is rather self-explanatory. However, the price is not the only, nor the crucial difference for that matter. Created with a wiki software tool, a free wiki is more like Wikipedia.

If you want to create an informative article and post it on a high authority website, Wikipedia will not be allowed as a credible source. You will need to scroll down to the reference part of the wiki article and get information from more credible sources.

The reason for this is that it’s free for all to edit. The high level of accessibility and freedom is what free wikis represent – an ability to express yourself, to contribute, and to be creative. However, this is a double-edged sword.

 Anyone can create fabrications, spam the page, or alter it in minor ways that are hard to notice. Therefore, Wikipedia is not regarded as a credible source even if you protect the page, and undo the false edits.

Enterprise wiki is more secure and also more secluded. It can be created using enterprise wiki software. Primarily used for business purposes, it allows you to share knowledge with people who have authorized access. Now, let’s see when you should use enterprise wiki and when you should use a free wiki.

Enterprise Wiki Can Be Used For
enterprise wiki software

1. Storing Sensitive Documents

If you need to create a wiki that can be accessed only by you and a selected few, then you need to opt for the corporate wiki. It helps you keep a backup of your files, and also, if you are away and need to access them, all you will need is a Wi-Fi connection. But this is possible only if you use cloud-based software to create a perfect wiki for your business

This is ideal because you will have vast storage space for your data, and you can easily update the existing knowledge base in light of this new information. Reasons to create an enterprise wiki are many but the major ones are the flexibility and security it offers. This makes it an ideal option for managers and business owners. 

2. Training Employees

Another way to use enterprise wiki is to share knowledge with new employees and help them self-train. You can create a database that your entire company has access to. Everyone who has an account can easily acquire information regarding their job and learn when they have the time. 

In other words, it eliminates the need to organize training sessions, which is time-consuming and costly. The restriction of time and place is removed, as your employees are able to gain knowledge whenever they want.

Employee Training

Moreover, you can create a page that is public but fully protected, so that everyone has access to it but can’t edit it. This way, you will allow your users or customers to get answers to their questions regarding your service or product.

Free Wiki Can Be Used For

1. Creating Fandom Pages

A free wiki is for fandom pages. Basically, you have wiki pages for movies, books, TV series, cities, countries, etc. The reason this is the right way to use a free wiki is that it is not intended for a target audience, but for everyone across the globe. Sure, you might experience issues with spam and false information, but you can easily fix that.

On the plus side, you get to attract people who are passionate about the topic just as much as you are. These people become valuable contributors who can enrich your wiki with information. You can create a whole community of fans, and these communities are definitely worth risking occasional spam. Many of these quality communities receive funds and donations from their viewers, and it is actually a good way to earn a living while doing what you love.

2. Keeping Readers Informed

Lastly, you can create simple and informative wikis that are there to help people gain general knowledge about history, politics, law, science, etc. This is basically Wikipedia, and even though it is not considered trustworthy, people pretty much rely on it for valuable information. After all, blatant fabrications are, in a majority of cases, easily noticed, and as mentioned, some references can confirm the claim.


Free wikis allow people to share knowledge and experiences freely. They help people of all ages to gain access to information easily. There are countries where people cannot afford academic education, and wikis can help those who are eager to learn. 

On the contrary, enterprise wikis are restricted to an organization. They are meant specifically for employees working in a firm, with its sole purpose being training the workforce and keeping them updated.

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