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25 Reasons That Will Convince You to Create an Enterprise Wiki

reasons that will convince you to create an enterprise wiki

Companies today understand the importance of delivering excellence to customers. Now, without a shadow of a doubt, they are pulling all stops to try to keep their clients happy. But, in this rush to gain customer attention and loyalty, it’s their workforce that’s getting sidelined and not getting the focus they deserve.

Employee dissatisfaction has become a perpetual problem for organizations today. The key question is how to curb dissatisfaction and create a culture of collaboration that delivers better employee experiences. Actually, the answer is simple. Create a Google-like wiki that keeps all your employees connected on a single platform, which boosts knowledge creation, sharing, and management.

First, let me brief you on what an enterprise wiki is. Think of it as an internal knowledge Wikipedia, or an online data storehouse, where you can keep all your business information without running the risk of losing it. You can create content or upload it from existing files, fine-tune it so that it reflects your brand, structure it meticulously and finally publish it for internal use.

Now the question is, “What business value does an enterprise wiki provide to my firm or my employees and why should I even create it in the first place?”

Here are 25 reasons that, I am sure, will persuade you to create an enterprise wiki for your business:

1. A wiki in place keeps emails at bay

2. It helps your employees fetch data conveniently from any device – mobiles, tablets or laptops

3. Using a corporate wiki gives more transparency to your work processes, thus keeping your employees abreast of how things work in your organization

4. A wiki is for the employees, of the employees, and by the employees; meaning, the entire workforce of your company can come together to create and manage it

5. A centralized knowledge wiki helps employees of different departments to share insights with one another, enabling a collaborative learning environment. It infuses a culture of openness in your organization

6. Creating a corporate wiki is one of the best ways to go completely paper-free. No more pressure of handling piles of files as all your business information is compiled together at a single location.

7. It enhances employee productivity by offering ready information. With increased productivity, comes higher efficiency, leading to better deliverables and in turn positive company growth

8. Your widely-dispersed workforce gets a central location to access information

9. Turning to a previous version of a document and seeing the changes is extremely easy in a wiki

10. When you provide author bylines in a wiki, employees get the motivation to share knowledge and contribute significantly to your firm’s growth. It boosts self-expression among employees

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11. A wiki tends to be flawless, and of high-quality, given the repeated edits and reviews it goes through from time to time

12. Navigating through a business wiki is a cakewalk, thanks to its intuitive user interface

13. Employees get a seamless search experience that further helps them find answers to their questions in a snap

14. It steepens the learning curve, especially for new employees and they are able to adapt to your firm’s work process faster

15. It delivers a personalized information-gathering experience to all executives

16. Having a wiki in place reflects a company’s trust in its employees

17. You can govern and evaluate business information in a centralized manner through an internal knowledge management system

18. Business information can be seamlessly structured and organized in a corporate wiki. This saves employees from the trouble of browsing innumerable documents. Managing information scattered across files and folders becomes a breeze

19. Updating the content of a corporate wiki can be done effortlessly. Constantly revising it with the latest information ensures that employees are up-to-date with everything that’s going on

20. Having an internal knowledge Wikipedia makes it easy to get feedback from employees on specific articles or pages, increasing the scope of its improvement

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21. The need to reach out to managers to get information is eliminated if you have a centralized online wiki

22. An enterprise wiki is an asset especially for large organizations with a widespread workforce. It reduces to and fro among employees by making information easily accessible from a single place

23. It’s easy to brand a wiki with attractive designs and themes so that it appeals to readers

24. Given the fact that it’s smooth and seamless to use, employees don’t have difficulty in referring to it every time they need information

25. Project managers can access information quickly using an internal wiki and keep themselves updated on the developments of a project

These 25 reasons fortify the importance of a thriving enterprise wiki. A wiki, in fact, can do more than you think. It reduces chaos, streamlines work processes, which elevates the productivity and efficiency of employees, helping them churn better quality deliverables. This further drills down and impacts the growth of an organization.

The collaborative and engaging work environment it creates helps to keep employees happy and delighted. Understanding work processes is a tedious task for executives who are new to a firm, which is where a wiki’s real role comes to the fore. It is their go-to place to refer when trying to understand the work dynamics of your organization. This online information repository works on a single algorithm, and that is to bind your company and employees together with the knowledge thread.

Now, are you ready to build a comprehensive wiki for your business?

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