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Why Your Business Needs an Enterprise Wiki?

Business Needs an Enterprise Wiki

Open-source libraries were a huge discovery when they first appeared – an amazing way for each and every internet user to gather knowledge and share their own using a simple, user-friendly medium.

However, a lot of annoying problems started to appear as people kept putting in inaccurate information, and these problems were not so easy to solve. Not everyone is competent enough to input data, but failing to grant everyone access to edit defeats the purpose of this kind of resource.

But limiting this kind of knowledge base to a certain number of people with the same or similar skill sets and areas of expertise is a good way of ruling out a lot of these issues, which makes it an excellent resource for enterprises.

Why Wiki?

Wiki Software
So, Wiki is a website build for a group of people who want to brainstorm together and share their ideas. The age of technology we live in is all about sharing information and doing so fast, because everyone is in a huge hurry, and that’s exactly what a good Wiki enables you to achieve.

Thanks to its design, you as a business leader can gather your team in one place, no matter what side of the globe they are located on, and work together with those brilliant minds you have chosen without having the physical distance present itself as a problem.

Many leaders turn to different mediums for this purpose, like Skype for example. Being a great piece of software, Skype does allow you to communicate with a member of a team or a client in real time and share data so that you can manage and complete all your tasks efficiently.

However, it has its downsides; for example, this software doesn’t allow you to edit documents unless you download them, which wastes time on constant downloading and uploading. Skype was created with personal use in mind, and although it might develop in a more business-centric direction soon, it’s still not quite there yet.

Other medium people turn to is email. Being an effective method of communication this should come as no wonder, but it’s slow. The good thing about it is the fact you can’t really lose any of the information in a certain transcription, but it takes time to find what you need, which is, once again, a problem for the modern age.

What Does It Offer?

Whether you’re a small business and your group counts less than ten members or you’re a huge company that owns several buildings, you can use Wiki all the same. It’s a very simple website that has very clear tools, which is exactly what makes it brilliant.

Navigating is quite simple – it’s all files of documents that are transparently listed, editing documents is more than easy and it can be done online, and you can set it up so that it’s centrally administrated, which is probably the best thing about it. When you’re the one who grants different levels of access to the member of your team, all those issues we mentioned about open-source knowledge base disappear and all it has to offer is an improvement.

Being a format that’s easy to access, you can use this platform to train new employees other than sharing info with the existing ones. First of all, navigating is pretty much intuitive, so your potential employee may check out a tutorial, but that would be it and you can move on straight to business.

Also, documents that require several people to collaborate is quite easy because it can be done in real time. This makes the whole explicatory and reviewing process necessary for the document to be completed much clearer and very obvious.

How to Build It?

If you’re an average internet user, you won’t have any troubles creating it – everything about building a Wiki knowledge base is quite intuitive. After you go to the website, you should search for the “settings” button, select “create an app” and make sure that you pick out “wiki page library” among the options offered. Then you type in the name you wish, click on the “invite” link, which will be at the bottom, and you’re ready to do some work.
Wiki knowledge base

Another great thing about Wiki is that you can use other pieces of software that will make using it easier and faster. Software like ProProfs Knowledgebase, for example, has very efficient tools for creating a knowledge base and it’s very easy to access it from any gadget you have at your fingertips. You’ll be ready to share information, train new employees, edit and create new documents in a very short timeframe.

New pieces of software and various tools are being created practically every minute and the choice all business have to improve their workflow and bring it to another level are practically limitless. One of the things that make a great leader is knowing to make the right choice.

That selection needs to be made according to the needs of a particular business – you make a list of your priorities and a list of software that can help you complete them efficiently, but without sacrificing quality and the choice becomes obvious in most cases.

A thing that puts each type of business in the same basket is information – exchanging it properly often determines whether a business will be successful or not, which is why a Wiki should be a necessary tool for any serious enterprise.

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