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Why Knowledge Base Integration with Live Chat Is Important for Better Customer Support?

Knowledge Base + Live chat

Do you know the secret ingredient behind a business that is flourishing and growing by leaps and bounds?

“There’s no secret ingredient” is just a myth!

I know that you know, and almost every business knows about it. Still, it’s taken for a ride by many businesses. How ironical?

Here, I am talking about CUSTOMER SERVICE, which is ignored and taken for granted most of the time, the brunt of which businesses have to bear in the form of dwindling sales and profits.

Let’s take a closer look at it –

According to a study, a happy customer tells nine other people about his experiences. It looks like you got to keep them happy, to multiply your customer count. Not just this, it also states that angry customers or those who complain more often are likely to gossip about you with their friends, thus, ruining your firm’s image for 16 more people. Now, this is definitely scary.

Okay, so we know the problem, but what’s the solution?

Without beating around the bush, let me straight come to the point.

Given the rising dissatisfaction level among customers, it has become paramount to go out of the box and be innovative with your approach to delivering quality customer service.

One such impactful strategy is to implement a knowledge base software in your business.

How does it help?

Embracing a knowledge base helps you create online documentation, online user guides, and user manuals for your clients.

This empowers customers to troubleshoot the problems by themselves, without making any calls.

If you look at this benefit, from customers’ point of view – this is relieving.

Firstly because they don’t have to depend on others to get issues resolved. Secondly, they can get any information or answers at any time and from any place they are. There is no restriction of time and place.

This saves you a lot of time and energy and at the same time encourages self-service among customers.

In fact, customers these days prefer self-service over support provided by customer care representatives.

It looks like a walk in the park, simple and effective.

But, what if there comes a time when customers get stuck while browsing and aren’t able to get the information they need?

They will search for it again, and again and again. What if they are still not able to find it?


We are back to square one then.

This is an unwanted situation, which no business wishes for. Hence, it’s crucial that you hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. And by this I mean, leaving no stone unturned in your endeavor to satisfy and delight customers.

Such situations demand integration of knowledge base with live chat software. You might be thinking, why to connect the two?

Both knowledge base and live chat have their own unique features and are beneficial in their own way. Imagine what happens when you club the two?

Powerful features of one coupled with solid features of the other are bound to enhance the experience of customers.

Puzzled as to how integrating two different tools can enhance the customer experience?

Read on to know.

The popularity of these tools is on a rise as both serve different purposes but what lies beneath them is a common concept.

The primary purpose of both is to relieve customers from the burden of calling representatives to solve queries. To be very frank, waiting on the line, is a task in itself. Instant gratification is what customers seek, and both live chat and knowledge base are instrumental in providing the right help at the right time.

And when you integrate these tools, they weave magic, elevating the quality of your customer service 10x.

A glimpse at the benefits of integrating a knowledge base tool with live chat.

#1. Instant Response –

Suppose a customer is browsing the knowledge base and is unable to find the information he needs. In such a case, you can use live chat to communicate with the visitor and give them the relevant answer to their queries or give them the link of an appropriate article.

And even after all this, the issue isn’t solved, then, they can even call you to understand the problem.

This ensures that they get high-quality experience and are satisfied with the response and this also shows your commitment to serve them in whichever way possible.

#2. Heightened Convenience –

Integrating the knowledge base with live chat will make it more convenient for you as well as for your customers to get what they need in a hassle-free way.

For instance, simply using the knowledge base would not guarantee that they will get exactly what they are looking for. There might be times when customers will not be able to find the answer to their query. This is where live chat works as an added advantage.

You can use live chat to connect with them directly and share the information they need.

Getting information in a flash is a perk that comes with the marriage of live chat software and knowledge base.

#3. Better Productivity –

With this integration, you will see a tremendous change in the performance of your live chat operator, as the productivity goes up significantly.

This is because, with the integration, the operators are saved from answering the same questions again and again. They just have to direct the customer to the help article already existing in the knowledge base.

Also, it often happens that operators have to search for information from multiple and unorganized sources that eat up their time and decreases their efficiency.

With a full-fledged knowledge repository in place, they can easily cull out relevant data and share it with the customer on chat.

Also, with a knowledge base in place, your support team can keep the content updated so that live chat operators can share the latest content with customers.

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#4. Reduced Training Costs –

Ever thought you could also save money by integrating your knowledge base with live chat? To your surprise, it’s true.

Knowledgebase and chat are such software that require minimal training, as they are self-explanatory. Hence, you won’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money just to train your employees on how to use these tools.

If I speak about phone support, it’s expensive comparatively, the reason being, the training time and money that goes into preparing employees on how to deal with customers over the call.

Besides this, if you are using a knowledge base, you don’t have to worry about training costs. Employees can use this self-learning tool to get holistic understanding of how to use live chat software and solve customer queries.

Knowledge base integration with live chat is not just wallet-friendly but saves a lot of time and effort too.

#5. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction –

One major benefit of integrating your knowledge base with live chat software is higher satisfaction among customers. Immediate response to their queries is bound to leave them happy and satisfied.

With live chat you will be able to guide them towards the right documentation, thus solving their issues, in a flash.

Not just this, with this integration, you can also track the number of visitors on your website or which customer is browsing on which page, the articles they are viewing or the time they are spending on a particular page.

This crucial data will help you provide appropriate services to your customers.

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#6. Get Feedback –

What more? Embed live chat in your knowledge base system and you can give customers the opportunity to post feedback on the live chat message box.

Feedback is vital to know where you are lagging and to identify your improvement areas. The integration makes it easier for you to get feedback and to bring changes in your services, in less time.

Wondering as to how the integration would be and how much time will it take?

A knowledge base is quite flexible when it comes to integrations. You will not face hassles while connecting it with live chat, as the process is pretty simple and seamless.

The synergy of both of tools working together will impact your overall customer service graph to a great extent. The synergy they share is an opportunity in disguise. Use it in the best possible way to give the best-in-class experience to your customers.

Embracing this integration will yield successful results, as both the tools are carefully-engineered to make customer service simple, smart and sophisticated. If delivering distinguished services to your customers is what you strive for, implement this integration and see for yourself, how it affects your business.

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